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Where is your company located?
We are located in Istanbul / Turkey. 

Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer and we have been manufacturing quality shirts since 
1984. With three latest technology production facilities and over 500 employees we 
are one of the largest shirts manufacturers in Turkey. Our monthly production
capacity is 120.000 shirts.

All Tonelli shirts are 100% designed & made in Turkey by using only Turkish made high
quality materials (fabric, yarns, buttons, labels and tags). For more information 
about us, please visit our corporate website at www.tonelli.com.tr 

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces (25 sets) and sets can be ordered in different styles.

What is a set?
We sell our shirts in sets (packs) and each set has 1 M, 1 L, 1 XL and 1 XXL

Can I order individual sizes? 
Unfortunately no.

Can I order less than 100 pieces (25 sets)
Unfortunately we do not accept orders less than 25 sets at this moment.

Can I order samples?
Yes, we can ship up to 5 samples and each sample will cost $40. DHL Express is included in the price. Please note that we select the sizes randomly from broken sets. So you may not receive the size that you want us to ship.

What shipping method do you use and how much does it cost?
We ship all orders via DHL Express and it is free.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to almost every country around the world.

How long does it take for order to arrive?
Europe : 1-2 business days
USA & Canada : 2-3 business days
Australia & New Zeland : 3-4 business days
Asia (including Russia) : 3-4 business days
South America, Africa and Middle East : 3-4 business days

I have my own designs, do you offer private label production?
Yes, we do. For more information, please click here

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Credit Cards (all through PayPal) Wire Transfer and Western Union

Still have other questions?
For additional information, please e-mail us at info@wholesalemensshirts.net
or call +90 538 554 2447 (also available on Whatsapp)